We define the next step of personal imaging with
photos and camera apps based on
Computational Vision, AR and Machine Learning.

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PAPS - Think the photosOS.
The New, Infinite-Purpose Photo, Video and Camera Toolbox.
A meta-app system is containing each independent-context functionality
based on virtual in-app sandbox with a large-scale parallel image processing engine.

Memo Camera - Grab Any Text Info Around You.
The Memography, Augmented Memory: How software will eventually augment our memory.

Lightsynth - Beyond HDR
The first mobile ADR, Adaptive-Dynamic Range camera.

Live Focus - Shoot First, Focus Later
The first moblie Post-Capture Control camera.

Elie - Your Camera Assistant
Situation-Driven autonomous capture.


We challenge protective giants and serve challenging dwarfs.

We will always be a supporter of the weak. But are absolutely deny indiscreet gender equality.
The right is NOT free.
Just learn, work hard, and be a strong expert like Blacksmith ⚔️️ in tech.
Be the real maker of a small thing. Do not stay as just only an owner of specific gender.

We are a kind of QSN itself.