We define the next step of personal imaging with camera apps based on
Computational Vision, Light-field, AR and Machine Learning.

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Thinking photoOS beyond Apps
The infinite-purpose photo, video and smart camera toolbox for your plus in Photos.
Based on the a fast and large-scale parallel image processing engine and
a virtual in-app sandbox allows the perfect each independent-context functionality without any complexity increase.

Scan the world, do anything.
Augmented Memory: How software will eventually augment our memory.
A highly accurate text/information recognization camera app based on ML.

Beyond HDR
The first mobile ADR, Adaptive-Dynamic Range camera.

Live Focus
Shoot First, Focus Later
The first moblie Post-Capture Control camera.

the Camera Assistant
Situation-Driven autonomous capture.


We challenge giants and serve dwarfs.

We reject all kinds of indiscreet equalism including the gender. Just only a supporter of the weak.

We are the maker of a small but deep something.

We resist the cynicism and puritanism born of repetitive experiences.

We are recently paying attention for the Haptic Visuality and Holographic.

We are believing what the next screen could be the world itself.

We are just only a kind of QSN itself.